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60 Parsecs

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Game information

Game title: 60 Parsecs

Category: Adventure
Game description:

The astronauts have only sixty seconds to save their lives and supplement from the ruining space station and reach the new world, which is not doomed to die in the apocalyptic agony. This is the dark and humorous story of 60 Parsecs you are welcome to experience. The game could be divided into 2 general phases. During the first one, you will have to gather the items and leave the station as fast you can (and you have no more than 60 seconds to cope with this). During the second one, you will find yourself in an adventure that is generated while you play. You are to choose what kind of adventure it is going to be. The number of troubles and dangers is endless: from hunger to depression. Along your way, you will discover new places as well as new items to grab. However, along with funny adventures and useful things, you will also encounter problems on your way. As the game developer Robot Gentleman explains, the main purpose was to create a game where you will have to make decisions and choose the course of the plot yourself. For instance, your duties will range from holding tough conversations to deciding who will receive foodstuffs, who will go for missions, and more. In a few words, 60 Parsecs could be characterized as an “ironman” adventure.