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A Shadow Over Freddy’s

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Game information

Game title: A Shadow Over Freddy’s

Category: FNAF Games
Game description:

How dangerous can fluffy bears be? You’ll never know until you meet Freddy! While he seems to be just a cute toy dancing in the pizza house, he turns into a blood-thirsty monster at nights. Our hero didn’t believe those stories either when he got hired by the pizzeria as a night watch. But the first night he spent on his work place he started noticing something strange going on. The toys that looked so sweet and innocent in daylight suddenly transformed and began moving around. But not only did they move, they were also looking for victims to tear apart! Our hero couldn’t believe his eyes. He had no means to protect himself, he could only watch the toys on security cameras and control the doors so as to keep the monsters inside the pizza house without letting them out. But the catch is that he has limited amount of electricity. In the middle of the night, the power goes off and he’s left all alone with the terrible mechanized monsters trying to break out and get a taste of his blood. In a few minutes, he’ll see an evil face of Freddy gazing through the window glass! If the toys catch him, they will rip his insides out and turn him into an animatronic, just like them. You can’t let that happen! Survive in Freddy’s Pizzeria for 5 nights and you’ll get out alive!