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Akinator, the Web Genius

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Game information

Game title: Akinator, the Web Genius

Category: Android Games
Game description:

Have you ever dreamt of reading human mind? This would be cool, wouldn’t it? Though, this ability is not for usual people, and only Akinator can boast to read your mind. He is a genie, but it doesn’t mean that all genies can do this. Our Akinator is unique, and he will try hard to read your thoughts. He can’t do this from the spot, he needs to ask you certain question, and on your answers he will do some conclusions. Your task is simple – to think about someone famous, no matter whether this hero is real, or a character from TV series, movie or cartoon. Believe us, Akinator knows everyone in this world, and he will show you his abilities with a friendly smile.

If you aren’t afraid of this cartoonish genie, you can start the game right now! You can not only play against Akinator, but against your devoted friend. You should just invite him or her to a mind battle, and see, who will be able to get to the top of leader board first! You have a limited choice of characters, but you may unlock new heroes by buying cool potions. There are strong potions and weak ones, and their prices differ, so you should make your mind about purchasing simple and cheap potions, or try to earn more to get stronger and more expensive cure. You may collect dozens of trophies, if you are lucky enough. You may also see who is a better collector – your friends or you. You may customize your genie the way you like, but you need to unlock certain achievements at first. There are fifteen languages for you to choose from, so you will be able to learn a couple of words in other languages. There are many cool things, and you will learn all of them while playing.