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Amazing Frog Mobile

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Game information

Game title: Amazing Frog Mobile

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Maybe, you think that frogs are no way tough or redoubtable animals. You are used to see them small and weak, however, there is something that will show you another way of perceiving these reptiles. Behold – this is Amazing Frog, a title where you appear in the world of serious frogs, who are nearly gangsters. The main character is a rambunctious frog, who is always ready to get in some troubles, adventures, missions and get a reward. Well, the best thing about the game is that it has no restrictions, so you are welcome to do anything that comes to your mind, just make sure that this will bring you maximum entertainment. The graphics here is really great and you will be surprised how scrupulously the artists were, when drawing the smallest elements and details of the environment. There are various locations available here, including towns and nature, however, both types are outdrawn just perfectly. By the way, if you have VR tools, you will surely love some episodes, especially when a frog is driving a car or flying high above in the clouds.

The title has a lot of puzzles and tasks to offer. The general purpose is to find and gather as many valuable objects as you can, thus you can proceed in any way you like and accept missions you find interesting, just make sure that you complete them successfully. Successful completion will help you move further. There are 3 various gameplay options, one of which allows 2-4 players take part in the game at the same time.