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American Truck Simulator Mods

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Game information

Game title: American Truck Simulator Mods

Category: Simulation
Game description:

Go for an amazing ride around the United Stated and get impressed by the realistic landscape outside the window! In the game called American Trick Simulator, you play as a battle-seasoned trucker, pretty used to being at the wheel day and night, enjoying the beautiful views and listening to the engine’s roar. The game developers did everything possible to ensure that you will immerse yourself into the romantic atmosphere and adventure at the same time. Despite being in a hurry, you must be careful because there is an expensive and fragile cargo in your truck. Of course, if something happens to the cargo, you will be in a big trouble, so you must obey the road rules. Make sure not to be involved into road wrangles or get lost on the unfamiliar territory. Your duty is to deliver the cargo in time and without a hitch. If you do, you will receive a money reward, priceless experience, and well-deserved rest with mods.