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Angry Neighbor

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Game information

Game title: Angry Neighbor

Category: Hello Neighbor
Game description:

Survival horrors are amazing but they are even better when they include an element of exploration. This is exactly a case for Angry Neighbor Hello game. One day you have realized that your neighbor is not an ordinary man… He makes strange noises and does something unusual in his yard. You have never seen him that neighbor-stuff like gardening or barbeque. Instead, he behaves really strange. He seems to hide something and you believe that it is something really nasty. Well, there are no other options but to find out more about his secrets. The plot is similar to those horror-books about courageous kids that are trying to expose criminals, maniacs, and other dangerous and non-communicant people. These stories always offer something more than just horror adventures and terrorizing your neighbors. Now you are welcome to feel yourself as one of the characters of a story like that. You will investigate the house of your neighbor and check every corner of the building. But make sure that his eyes won’t catch you! Avoid this crazy man at all costs and run for your life once he notices that you are messing around with his things. You should hide from the neighbor because the game will start all over again if he finds you. So be smart, fast and extremely careful! And, of course, try not to make too much noise!
Actually, this game is a clone of a well-known title with a similar name called Hello Neighbor and things are pretty much the same here. You will also need to solve mysteries and puzzles and interact with the objects you have found in the rooms. The best thing about this game despite the fact that it is a clone is that you can play it on your mobile devices. It is real fun, so check it out right now! You are welcome to try playing Angry Neighbor Hello on this website for free.