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Avakin Life Mod 2018

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Game information

Game title: Avakin Life Mod 2018

Category: Avakin Life
Game description:

Are you found of MMORPG and lifestyle simulators? Then Avakin Life is a game for you. Enjoy hundreds of locations within a bright and large world and do anything you want to! If your dream is to get your own apartment and furnish it as you like, then you should start experimenting with Avakin Life. There you will see a plenty of settings and places and interact with players from different corners of the world. Arrange meetings with your friends in the apartment designed to your individual taste and demonstrate your creativeness to them! Also, you are welcome to make more friends online and invite anyone to the house of your authorship. Let them see your design skills! In turn, you can go to other locations, including the apartments of your fellows, beach, and even a disco club. Getting to any place you like is simple – just click the plane image in the menu and you are there. All areas provide players with various entertainment opportunities and you are absolutely free in your actions. Just click your avatar picture and you will see the menu on the left side where all the amazing actions are displayed. On the right side you will see the profiles of other people to communicate with. In Avakin Life you can customize both your household and your avatar. Make your character look the way you desire – change the hair and clothes just like in the Sims! As for the apartment of yours, try various furniture and décor to make it look like a house of your dream. Avakin Life is a great choice that brings you both: a plenty of communication and an interesting game.