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Avakin Life

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Game information

Game title: Avakin Life

Category: Avakin Life
Game description:

One of the most popular second life titles in the today’s game environment is Avakin Life. This one is a massive multiplayer adventure that allows users move through the fertile world and do anything you may want: creating your own house to your personal taste, designing your character, visiting entertaining events, and travelling to the remote places of the world map. The main feature of the game is an opportunity to communicate with other users and socializing in every imaginable way. As a player of Avakin Life, you are free to go anywhere, from an apartment of your friend to the shore front or afterhours club. Doing so is extremely easy – you just need to click the button with the plane icon and choose the place you would like to see. Once you get to the place of your choice, you have the complete freedom of action. To choose your move, you need to click your avatar. When you do so, the menu with all available actions will appear. There is also a second menu where you can see the other players you can communicate with.

Most players enjoy the high level of customization available at Avakin Life. This means that you have an ability to create your character from the ground up as well as furnish your home in any possible way. We bet that you are familiar with the most popular second life simulator called the Sims. This one was famous and popular for allowing users to make their character look just the way he/she prefers. At Avakin Life we can see the same freedom of customization: you are welcome to change your hairstyle, appearance, and clothes. As we have already mentioned before, Avakin Life encourages you to apply your best design talents and fit your house up in any shape or form. By the way, you can boast of your creative ideas and decisions when inviting your friends or other players to your place. In a word, Avakin is more than just a simulator, but an entire social network, which gives you a unique amusing feeling.