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Axe Climber

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Game information

Game title: Axe Climber

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

In Axe Climber you will have to scramble up an endless ice-hill, using your axe, collecting gemstones, and competing with the other climbers. A player will face a lot of challenges on his way, but he will also gather a plenty of prizes and scores. The description of the game sounds pretty simple: you are a mountain climber, who needs to move up, avoiding dangers and gathering useful items. But it is easier said than done! Your way will be covered with different surfaces, safe and spiky, as well as spitfires, wild creatures, and other dangerous things that can beat you down. When you move further, you will have to plan your every step ahead, because the unexpected obstacles will pop up one after another really fast! So be careful and have fun!