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Baldi vs Granny

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Game information

Game title: Baldi vs Granny

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

If you are fond of weird indie horror games, then you must be familiar with Baldi’s Basics and Granny. These games combine a couple of key features: they will scatter your childhood fears of and make you feel paranoid because someone creepy is trying to catch and punish you (God only knows for what sins). Baldi is a mad math teacher, who wanders around the school flapping the ferule against his palm. He will try to find you because he has a number of tasks and he wants you to solve them. When he finds you, he will scare you to death. Sounds fun, isn’t it? And now meet Granny. She is a crafty old woman with devious means. Despite the fact that she is already a beldam, her hearing is still perfect and she hears every rustle you make. Considering her hearing skills, you have two options: move quietly and cheat her when slapping the wrong doors. Beware, when Granny sees you leaving your place, you are doomed. You may show the miracles of dexterity but there is every likelihood that you are dead. Can you imagine these monsters meeting in one game? What seems scarier to you: Granny’s traps or Baldi’s crazy moves?