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Baldi’s Basics Horror

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Game information

Game title: Baldi’s Basics Horror

Game description:

School is a place most of us remember with dread and repulsion. And wicked teachers play a great part in that attitude. Baldi’s Basics will take you back to your school days challenging you to solve seven tricky math tasks before you can go home leaving all that nightmare behind. But watch out, Baldi’s got a quick temper. He can’t stand it when students make mistakes. One failure – and he’ll lose it. So if you see him approaching you with a grim expression of his face, prepare to run as quickly as you can! Baldi won’t let you get away that easily. He will hunt you all over the campus showing great persistence and listening out to every sound. Don’t forget to check on your stamina bar. Once it’s empty, you will stop panting for breath. This is a nice opportunity for Baldi to catch you on the sleeve, so use your energy wisely. Most of other people you’ll meet at school are your enemies. They will try to slow you down and prevent you from successfully escaping Baldi’s grip. You’ll need to learn their weaknesses to coax them into helping you instead. There are seven notebooks for you to fill, each containing three tasks. Before you do that, you won’t be able to leave the campus. Brush up your knowledge in math and give correct answers without getting into Baldi’s hands!