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Baldi’s Basics Roblox

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Game information

Game title: Baldi’s Basics Roblox

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Even if you are a brilliant student, you can’t avoid making mistakes. But Baldi won’t forgive you that. When it comes to math, he turns into a monsters. You have seven notebooks to fill before you can leave the campus and go home in Baldi’s Basics Roblox. The tasks aren’t easy and Baldi is waiting for you to fail. Prepare to run for your life as he chases you around the school and beware of people you meet – not all of them are your friends! Your stamina is running low. Keep an eye on your energy bar and refill your strength with a piece of chocolate when Baldi is near. If he catches you, he’ll beat you up and you’ll have to stay at school much longer!