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Bendy in Nightmare Run

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Game information

Game title: Bendy in Nightmare Run

Category: Adventure
Game description:

If you think that endless runners have nothing to surprise you with, Bendy in Nightmare Run will surely prove the opposite. This mobile game has a pretty unique combination of attractive ’20s cartoon graphics and a well-made swipe-based gameplay. So if you have a soft spot for a cool design and harsh challenges – don’t miss a chance to play Bendy in Nightmare Run.
The mechanics are intuitive here – you just swipe every which way to control character’s moves. Also, you will see the collectible cans during a run. With these cans, you will unlock new items such as weapons, clothes, and secret levels. You may use the cans to purchase power-up items, which won’t make the game any easier but will increase your chances to survive. Don’t ignore the weapons you’ll see on your way – you will need them to fight the bosses.
There is one weird thing about Bendy in Nightmare. In most games of this kind, characters are running away from the screen, while Bendy will be running right towards you. This works out well but feels a little bit strange at the beginning.
Also, get ready that this game is a real challenge. It is hard to complete every level and no powerups or items will make the process easier. We promise that you won’t get the bearings till the very end of the game.
As for the prices, Bendy in Nightmare Run is an actually free release, however, there is a great number of in-game paid items and sometimes they cost as much as $54.99 per one. This way, additional cans may be obtained. Good news: to get clothes, weapons, and unlock levels you may use those cans you have gathered during a run. If you are a fan of cool merchandise, then make sure to visit Bendy’s official shop for some amazing plush toys and vinyl.
To sum up, Bendy in Nightmare Run may not so original in terms of a gameplay, but it really shines due to the amazing graphics. So if you need a tough challenge and a sight for sore eyes, you will definitely love this one.