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Beware Horror Game

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Game information

Game title: Beware Horror Game

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

What does the classical formula of modern horror look like? You have legs, a flashlight and opponents, from which you need to escape, because the means of self-defense have not been given. Beware changes this formula: you are the one driving in the car and all the horror is shown just behind the wheel of the vehicle.

As the author says, Beware is a game with an open world, where the main character goes on a long journey. He must explore the locations and look for some information. Among the features of Beware are intense car chases in the spirit of the movies of the 70’s, as well as elements of stealth, so you can study the world without constant threat from the outside.

Apparently, Beware is created by the forces of one person named Ondrej Svadlena Previously, Beware was called Driving Survival, but it looks like the developer decided to change the name. And it’s not a fact that it will not change again – the inhabitant of Reddit rightly observes that the word of Beware is too common for the game to be easy to remember or quickly find it through the search engines.

About what happens in the game, you can judge for yourself: he posted a demo on the website IndieDB. As the attached text file reads, one mission is available in the test version, and that one must be found independently. Users of Reddit already praise Beware for the fact that it really develops a sense of paranoia and makes you nervous.