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Bid Wars

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Game information

Game title: Bid Wars

Category: Simulation
Game description:

Bid Wars is a simulator that allows you to try yourself as a bidder and become the smartest and the fastest gambler on the market! Take part in the auctions, open a shop, and prove that you are the best player. Reveal the secret schemes and strategies to bit less and gain more. Are you ready to take risks and get rich? Then plat Bid Wars right now! Win the bidding competitions and let the money snow on you! Sell, buy, plan, and be smart to become famous and wealthy. Own a million and build an empire of your own shops. Thrilling auctions are waiting for you and your competitors and every decision you make is important. Your intuitive and creative mind will help you win the competition and become the mightiest tycoon. Gather various objects from balls to antique things and sell them to receive more money. Travel around the world and win cash until you become the richest man on Earth.