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BMX Streets

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Game information

Game title: BMX Streets

Category: Simulation
Game description:

Do you like extreme street sports? Then you will probably find BMX Streets game interesting! Here you can ride a bicycle and learn new tricks to amaze everyone with your skills. By the way, BMX simulator excludes any falls and traumas and this makes the game really perfect: you can do the most dangerous tricks and feel the thrill without a risk to get hurt. Your grandma will approve! There is a number of various locations here, so move from one to another and do the tasks. There are more than 200 tricks to learn, so get ready to work hard before you become a real BMX master. You can do the tricks on the streets of the city or go to specific platforms. The game has rich architecture, different levels of difficulty, and numerous objects to collect. What is really amazing about BMX Streets is the authentic physics. The way you perform tricks in the reality is pretty much similar to the way your bicycle behaves in a game. Despite this fact, the gameplay is pretty simple and it is easy to learn the controls. By the way, the game soundtrack is worth mentioning: dynamic music will give you even more energy!