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Boris and the Dark Survival Android

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Game information

Game title: Boris and the Dark Survival Android

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The studio of Joey Drew is famous for the most stylish and beautiful horror action game called Bendy and the Ink Machine. Now they are ready to present their new masterpiece to the world – Boris and the Dark Survival. The basis of this entertaining adventure surely is the initial franchise and the universe you already know from Bendy and the Ink Machine – mysterious, gloomy, dark, and extremely appealing. The game is as stylish as its predecessors – it looks like an old Disney movie, with all its amazing graphical features. So all the fans of old-school animation will surely find it a winning title.
This game is available for Android mobile devices. Here you will find an online and free version of it. You are welcome to launch it at any time and play as long as you want. No demo versions or restricted games can be found here – we provide our dear visitors with full and unblocked titles, all free. Play for a cartoonish wolf Boris right now and enjoy the incredible gameplay, astonishing graphics, puzzle-packed environment, amazing sounds, and truly unpredictable story of Bendy, the artist, and the mysterious studio of comics! Immerse yourself into a strange and spooky world of the ink monster!