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Boris and the Dark Survival

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Game information

Game title: Boris and the Dark Survival

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Boris is a wolf and he is a cartoonish character from the famous game Bendy and the Ink Machine. You must be already familiar with a cute demon Bendy, right? Now you will meet him in person, again! And, as always, Bendy has a lot of tricks to play with you! All of his tricks are pretty dangerous and creepy, so get ready for a challenge! In this amazing prequel, which is drawn in a beautiful retro style, you will play for Boris and this poor guy is stuck in old comic studio. The studio is owned by an artist you remember from the original game about Bendy. Time ago, he used to draw a lot and so many characters became alive now. Literally! They stepped out of the paper sheets and now walk in the reality like real-life creatures. This is a real rebellion of the cartoons! Now the characters are living their own life and some of them – Like Bendy – are pretty naughty!
While playing the game, you will wander around the studio. However, this place is not empty, because Bendy is here! And he is watching you, no matter where you go. This small ink demon will follow your every step, so you are always endangered. Listen to the noises and watch out! There are so many secrets of the studio that you need to uncover, so try to avoid being defeated by Bendy, an all-mighty black demon! You will overcome him or… become his another victim! Watch the bars that indicate your energy and don’t forget to eat timely. Find the hidden items – they will help you in a battle. The supplemental objects you are going to find on your way, from food to other useful things, will help you move safer. During the game, you will find out the mysteries behind the studio. Maybe, the secret of the alive cartoon characters will become clearer to you. Just make sure that you don’t die before it happens! Everyone is counting on you, so don’t give up and break this hard nut! Good luck!