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Call of Cthulhu

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Game information

Game title: Call of Cthulhu

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The famous and most acknowledged author of horror-stories H. P. Lovecraft has once composed a really creepy psychological novel The Call of Cthulhu. Since that time, this genre has changed the main perspective and focus. Lovecraft’s stories prove that the monsters and vampires are not as scary as the tricks your mind can play with you. At the same time, the way he creates the monsters is no less creepy. The developers of the same-title game know that it is true. The Call of Cthulhu game is the story of Edward, a detective and a former soldier with a difficult past. He is in a crisis and has some really terrifying memories, so he tries to escape from them drinking antidepressants and alcoholic beverages. He didn’t have any investigations for a long time and doesn’t have an opportunity to immerse himself into his work to get distracted from his own thoughts. One day he finally gets a case to work on. However, this one looks pretty mysterious and dangerous. It is about a family that have died in a strange way. Their house was burnt and nobody survived. There are absolutely no clues but a portrait of a crazy woman, supposedly a mother. The detective moves to the Island where the tragedy occurred to find out the reasons and the person who is guilty for the death of entire family. Things are significantly more complicated that he assumed because they are connected with pure and ancient evil. The Great Cthulhu has revived. Are you ready to discover the darkest corners of the world and the human soul while you play? Then wait no more and get into the game right now.