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Game information

Game title: Chuchel

Game description:

Chuchel is a comedy adventure game from the creators of Botanicula, Machinarium and Samorost. You’ll get to help a cute hairy character named Chuchel get an upper hand over his rival Kekel and find a valuable cherry by accomplishing multiple quests and solving all the puzzles. What prize waits for you? Funny jokes, rampant sounds and music from band DVA. And of course dozens of hilarious scenes that will melt even a heart of ice! And surely the cherry!

So what exactly can you expect from Chuchel?

– Have tons of fun!
– Assist Chuchel in solving unusual puzzles.
– Enjoy hundreds of crazy animations.
– Complete levels that were inspired by classic video games.
– Interact with bizarre characters.
– Get a kick out of amazing music written by an IGF nominee, band DVA.
– Give way to your unexplainable passion for cherry.
– And laugh until your stomach cracks!

And now more details. The game is split into a number of small scenes where you can interact with items and other heroes to unravel a puzzle in your fervent wish to get close to the cherry that mysteriously disappears every time you seem to be about to get it. Just like you would expect from a game like that, things often take quite a weird turn. For instance, in one episode you have to find out how to hush down a choir of eight singers with the only instrument to use being a fruit that alters Chuchel’s shape after he eats it. In another scene, you’re given a giant spoon that you need to use to release baby chickens from a sentient egg. You see, Chuchel is full of surprises and it’s time for you to discover them!