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Counter Strike 1.6

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Game information

Game title: Counter Strike 1.6

Category: Counter Strike
Game description:

One of the oldest and most widely known multiplayer shooters, Counter Strike keeps attracting millions of players seeking for intense emotions. You can try yourself as a special force fighter or terrorist performing a variety of missions and participating in massive PvP combats on a keenly designed map. Winning will require good reflexes, nerves of steel and ability to think tactically in critical situations. Teamwork skills are also a must. A wide range of weapons to select from, detailed visuals and thrilling gaming mechanics will keep you glued to the screen for hours. The players are divided into two teams. The special troops need to rescue hostages and deactivate the bomb while the terrorists have to prevent them from doing that until time runs out. The location offers plenty of opportunities for smart combat with a high concentration of shootouts, stealth and melee fights. The victory depends solely on your skills and decisions. Plunge into the battle and bring victory to your team!