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Creepy Tale

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Game information

Game title: Creepy Tale

Category: Adventure
Game description:

This dark forest used to be beautiful and flourishing long time ago. The birds were singing, the trees were green, and the animals played here and there. It was a truly idyllic place. However, one day, something went terribly wrong and everything changed a lot. This place is no longer a quiet and bright one, but a heart of horror and evil. What has happened? What kind of a curse is that? Will this ever end? The answers are unknown. However, the main character of this game is brave enough to find out everything about what has happened to a magical wood. He will make a journey through this nightmarish place and find out everything. Will he manage to bring things back to order and let the harmony come back to this gloomy place? Who knows. Enter the frightening wood with the main hero and be ready for everything. You will surely find this place blood-chilling! Beware of monsters of dark powers of evil! This creepy take will make you shiver from fear for sure.