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Game information

Game title: Devotion

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

What distinguishes truly terrifying and authentic horror titles is that you usually have only one option there – survive or get killed. The main feature of such games is that you don’t have any weapon in your hands, therefore the horrors, that surround you, have an absolute power over you. This is just the case for Devotion. Here you have to run and hide, otherwise the evil will reach you and you will die. The events take place in an old motel, where the occultists are doing their rituals. Your character is a girl named Fen Yu, a daughter an actress and a mysterious man, who vanished in an unknown way one fine day. She is desperate about this and doesn’t want to believe that her dad is gone forever. She was all alone these years, but suddenly she got a letter signed by her dad, where he invited her to the old house they used to live in to see him.

This is where the real adventures start. You will enter a spooky place, full of dangers and unexpected mysteries. The main mystery is the reason why and how her father vanished. For a long time, the events of the past were dark and unknown, but now you need to take your chance and find out everything that bothers the main character. Just be careful, because this house is a very dangerous place.