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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

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Game information

Game title: Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Animals, creatures, and superheroes from your favorite Pixar & Disney cartoons are all gathered in a title called Disney Heroes: Battle Mode! Among them you will see your beloved ones. They come from such cartoons as Toy Story, The Incredibles, Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph and much more! You will find yourself in a city, a pretty enjoyable one, unless you realize that there is something wrong with it… A mysterious virus is changing heroes’ families & comrades and turning them into dangerous and powerful enemies. It’s hard to imagine that those who used to go together like salt and pepper can lose their fellowship because of a disastrous surprise like that! Your mission is to prevent this catastrophe and save your friends from being possessed by a strange adversity. Gather a rescuing team, get yourself solid ammunition, and struggle against evil to relieve your friends. This game is available for free download, however, there is an internal currency you may gain and use while you play.