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Do Not Feed Monkeys All Endings

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Game information

Game title: Do Not Feed Monkeys All Endings

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Are you that paranoid type who sticks a web camera on your laptop with a piece of paper? Do you think that an existence of different secret organizations that can spy ordinary people is more than quite possible? Well, then you will love playing an amazing indie-game called Do Not Feed Monkeys. This title feels very up to date now. On the one hand, people are willing to put their personal life on exhibit themselves: they make photos a couple of times per day trying to capture everything that happens to them, share their intimate shoots with people on the Internet, and are willing to locate every experience online, whether on Facebook or Instagram. On the other hand, they are afraid that their personal data can be accessed by somebody else and some of their secrets will be revealed. In the game you appear in an organization that watches other people living in their flats and doing what they usually do. You have a number of cameras located in the houses of different families and lonely people and are most welcome for a close acquaintance. A great deal of nasty and revealing minutes is waiting for you in the game. The club is called Primate Observation Club and as you have already understood there are no real monkeys to deal with. Instead, there are numerous strangers with their own habits that become visible when they believe that nobody can see them. However, you are the one who can. You have to gather secret materials and share them with your organization to move on and find out the main mystery of the club one fine day. Actually, your main motivation is to find out what will happen if you do feed at least one monkey. You must to your best to avoid being fired from the club. Follow the schedule and perform the tasks they entrust you. You will need to buy so-called “cage” all the time to expand the abilities of the group and continue playing. Yes, these cages are not cheap and your salary is not high. In addition, you need to pay for living all the time. Learn to combine your real life and the strange voyeuristic universe you have been recruited by. This game has already won millions of fans from all over the globe. What is more, a unique story and an unusual format of the game has brought some serious awards to it. So hurry up and try one of the most amazing indie-games ever!