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Doka 2

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Game information

Game title: Doka 2

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

An amazing title Doka 2 is a real role-playing game with a spontaneously developing scenario. The level of player’s freedom is incredible here. You will discover the open world, choose the options for dialogues, build objects of all kinds, and make decisions on your own. An unexpected turn of the plot is waiting for you on every step you make: you may receive a quest from a guy you accidentally meet somewhere in the field and decide whether to take it or not. What is more, Doka developers have successfully combined RPG and level building mechanics. One activity never interrupts the other. You can have a rest from passing the quests and build anything you may like. Literally. There are so many tools, items and locations to choose from that you can create any construction, even a very strange or absolutely useless one. However, continuous action with construction elements is not the main feature of Doka 2. The creators are proud of the development of zombies that will attack you during the game regularly. These creatures don’t die from a headshot or dissection, so you will have to try hard to defeat them. The game is not just an RPG of the new generation but also an exciting survival horror with a pretty high level of complexity.