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Donut County

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Game information

Game title: Donut County

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Donut County is a beautiful and stylish title that reveals a story of ignorance, covetousness, stupidity and their horrible consequences. One day, a large hole appears in the center of the city of Los Angeles and continues to grow with every tree, human, and house that fades inside of it. Some gamers claim that Donut County is an opposite to a well-known title called Katamari Damacy, where you roll an ephemeral ball making it extremely large. When it grows enough, the ball collects skies and lands.  However, while in Katamari the ball grows to absorb the entire planetary system, Donut County is more about destruction than consuming. There is only one property of this hole – it becomes larger and destroys everything on the way. The disaster is being made by you and small greedy raccoons, who love trash and would like to turn the entire world into a scrap-heap. Their greediness becomes a disaster for everyone and everything around, still it punishes them and brings to the underground void. The analogy our daily life seems pretty straight, isn’t it? As the game developer says, the main idea of the game is realizing that you have been a jerk.