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Dream Daddy update

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Game information

Game title: Dream Daddy update

Category: Games 2017
Game description:

What do you know about the best-selling game on Steam? Dream Daddy is a dating simulator, and you should try it, and you will understand the reasons of its popularity. Your character is a caring father, who is recovering after a terrible life situation. You choose his appearance, but you can’t create his temper. You will be asked several questions that will define his story, and you will know what he is seeking for. And he wants to become friends with new people around him, or even date some of them. There are seven fathers that he is interested in, but not all of them are single and long for relationships. You will have three dates with every dad to find your soul mate, if you are lucky enough. Some of dates won’t look like real dates, so you should be careful all the time. In the process of playing you will read dialogues and make necessary choices, when you are asked to do them. After each date you will be estimated, and this score will show whether you will be a nice couple, or not. You make your daddy brutal or romantic, and you can try all possible outfits, while playing a couple of times. This gay romance is very appealing, no matter, whether you are straight or gay, and you will definitely like the chance to find an ideal date for such unusual father.