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Driving School 3D

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Game information

Game title: Driving School 3D

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Learning to drive is challenging not only when you’re getting your driver’s license, but also in a simulator like Driving School 3D. This game will give you an opportunity to see how well you know the traffic rules and whether your driving skills are enough to let you out into the city streets. You need to keep an eye on passing cars, pedestrians, traffic lights and road signs, make sure you don’t exceed the allowed speed and so on. You’ll get to drive a great variety of cars on different locations, from a quiet country road to a busy highway. Collecting points will allow you to save up some money for unlocking new car types, up to racing bolides. The whole process is very realistic, with traffic moving just like in real life and city streets bustling with vehicles and pedestrians. The great feature of Driving School 3D is that, aside from a solo carrier mode, you can also challenge your friends to compete in real-life conditions and find out who’s the best driver!