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Dumb Ways To Draw

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Game information

Game title: Dumb Ways To Draw

Category: Point and click
Game description:

As always, these little beans are in trouble. They are always in trouble, if you can remember them from a famous Dumb Ways to Die. The characters of this game find the most dangerous places and objects that always harm and even kill them. Even when they find potentially non-dangerous things, they still have chances to die. In this sketching game, you will meet these fellows again. And you will have to save them as you always do, only now your task is to do that with a pencil. Your artistic skills will save the beans from dying if you will do your best! The game is arranged in a form of a puzzle, where you will have to use drawing tools to prevent accidents that might happen with the characters.
This version of the game is pretty much unique and not similar to the classical one you already know. Various risky scenarios will be presented to you in the title and you will have to draw different elements to keep beans from dying. The more pencils you have – the better! The process will keep you entertained for sure – it is funny! Even if you fail to save a bean and it is doomed to die, well, the ridiculous death of him will also make you laugh. Try this game right now – this is an absolutely new experience! New levels and characters are already waiting for you!