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EA SPORT FIFA 18 Companion

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Game information

Game title: EA SPORT FIFA 18 Companion

Category: FIFA
Game description:

Soccer never ceases. This awesome game interfaces you to the universe of FUT 18 anyplace, whenever, so you can retain your club running while you’re in busy with something else. Including full administration of your soccer club, the app empowers you to organize your own team of the most popular football players for your upcoming enormous match, offer on a late transfer, acquire prizes for your squad, and enhance your club with energizing new team members. You can also upgrade your team with various equipment purchased for points and coins. With seamless integration, your team will dependably be up and coming, paying little heed to where you are running your current match. Make your club in this amazing game appreciate the new and fan most loved highlights, achieving every day and week by week missions, taking challenges and getting important prizes!