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Fallout 76

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Game information

Game title: Fallout 76

Category: Survival
Game description:

Fallout 76 will bring you into old familiar world of the previous parts. The one that was attacked by the atom bomb and now has so many hostilities you will deal with. Again, your main aim is to stay alive. This time, you will have a chance to try playing the same story in a multiplayer mode. Despite the fact that multiplayer world may not correspond to your perception of the solitary experience of Fallout with its endless open worlds to wonder, we are glad to inform you that the developers did a really good job when making it an online server-game. You will appear in the real-world territory which is West Virginia. Take a look at the map of this place and you will reassure that there are plenty of places in the game that copy the same places in real Virginia. When you start your survival adventure, make sure that the first thing you take care of is your weapon and armors. If you won’t take care of these ones from the very start, get ready for some significant damage from your opponents. Sometimes you will have to spend your time repairing the weapon or other pieces of equipment. The broken objects stay in the set of things you carry, however, you cannot use them until you fix them. This way, your weapons will have not only different levels and ratings but also different conditions, so be attentive when you choose the one to use in a fight. In general, the food and water supply as well as defensive armors and pistols are the main things you will have to take care in Fallout 76 to survive.