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Fire Boy and Water Girl 2 – Light Temple

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Game information

Game title: Fire Boy and Water Girl 2 – Light Temple

Game description:

This red fellow is Fireboy and this blue pretty girl is Watergirl and they are in trouble. Only you can help them get out from the Temple of Light. Despite the name of this Temple, it seems like nothing positive can be found here and our heroes are doing their best to find the way to escape. Your mission is to guide them through hundreds of tricky obstacles and harmful objects, so be very precise and make sure that your friends reach the final destination safely. This place is famous for being controlled by lights, so you can control its elements, like lifts and moving platforms, to make your way to the exit. Use all the instruments you find wisely and cooperate in the most fruitful way. Every level has a door you need to find and move pass, this way you will get out and find yourself on the next stage. Remember, your characters are made of fire and water, therefore they afraid of the opposite powers. Keep the Watergirl away from fire and the Fireboy – away from all liquids. This won’t be easy, but you should do your best to think about every next step. Besides water and fire, there are dark and green substances both characters need to keep away from.