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Fireboy and Water Girl 3 in The Ice Temple

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Game information

Game title: Fireboy and Water Girl 3 in The Ice Temple

Game description:

This time, Watergirl and Fireboy are stuck in a mysterious place made of ice. Well, this sounds like bad news, especially for Fireboy, since everything there is made of dangerous element – water. Instead, Watergirl is just fine being there, so sometimes you will have to make her more active and make the way easier for a Boy. You will use arrows to move him and letters to move her. By the way, this strange temple is full of surprises, so besides lakes of water, here you will find lakes of fire, too. You have to save your heroes from stepping into the opposite elements at any cost, because if they do, they will be harmed or even destroyed. So Fireboy has to avoid any places that have water, because this will ruin him. At the same time, Watergirl should never move to the lakes of fire and other hot places. What is more, there are locations that are dangerous for both boy and girl, and these are the dark lakes. Make sure that you keep them away from such places. Beware that you have to devote your best intellectual and strategical skills to this title. There is no way you can just move forward without overthinking your next steps. Yes, here you have less action and more planning, so if you like to apply your strategical and creative thinking skills, then you should try this title for sure.