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Fireboy and Watergirl 5: Elements

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Game information

Game title: Fireboy and Watergirl 5: Elements

Game description:

Fire and Water can be friends! However, they still can hurt each other due to their nature. In this game, you will learn literally everything about the way these basic elements can interact. Here they are presented in a form of funny and cute characters, who share missions and assist each other to get out of traps and troubles. This bright and incredibly lovely arcade will make you think carefully. Two characters at your disposal have different skills and properties, what is more – they are not just different, but quite opposite. You will have to learn how to mix and supplement their skills to pass every obstacle successfully. Be sure that you know what to do before you start acting! In this title, you cannot do it just intuitively. There is no way you will pass the level bald headed. You can win the game only if you have a clear vision of your further moves.

All levels here are different. You will have to pass some of them using just one character, because the other one won’t be able to get through. The rest require cooperation between Water and Fire. Keep in mind that these elements have various properties and think about possible strategies that might work. Try not to get anyone harmed, avoiding dangerous spots on the levels. By the way, there are more hostile substances all around than water and fire, so be careful! This is the bet planning title for those who like intellectual entertainment. We bet that both kids and their parents will find these adventures great!