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Fireboy and Watergirl New Adventure

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Game information

Game title: Fireboy and Watergirl New Adventure

Game description:

Working together is something Watergirl and Fireboy need to do to succeed. In this new adventure, they are in a completely new arena, unknown and no less complicated (but interesting) than all the previous ones. If you are a fan of the series, then you have probably helped these guys pass so many obstacles before. They were stuck in different temples: forest, crystal, ice, and more. Now there is a completely new challenge for them and for you, as their guide. The principle is all the same: some things and locations are harmless for one character and dangerous for another. Everything connected with fire can hurt the girl and everything similar to water is a real disaster for a boy. The colors will help you orient better – Watergirl should keep herself away from red spots, while Fireboy should stay far from blue things. The same is with collectable items – gems. You will complete the levels, collecting them, but make sure that each character only takes the gems of a right color, the one that suits his own. In this part, you will be able to change shape to get through difficult parts. What is more, the puzzles on every stage need your complete immersion, so turn your bright brain on and get into this amazing adventure!