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FNAF Security Breach

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Game information

Game title: FNAF Security Breach

Category: FNAF Games
Game description:

Those who ever played FNAF know all too well who animatronics are and why they are so dangerous. During the daytime, they are just mechanical toys in the window of the pizza house, one of the things that make this establishment so popular among families with kids. But when the sun goes down, something clicks inside their plush heads, they open their plastic eyes and jump off the shelves to wander the building! They don’t do it without purpose – the dolls are looking for a victim. Some dark force drives them to search for blood and since they have a whole night ahead of them, they are likely to find it. Maybe it will be you! The new part of the FNAF series is readying an ultimate survival trial for everyone who enjoys the atmosphere of horror and suspense!

In the latest game, you will find yourself in a multistory entertainment facility filled with pizza booths and of course animatronics. It was built as a place where kids could eat to the full and spend time in a fun way. But in reality this is now the most dangerous building in the neighborhood! And since it works late, the risk of becoming the prey of hungry dolls drastically increases. How can you avoid such a fate? You need to stay alert and watchful and keep away from your fluffy enemies as long as possible! The dark magic will be active only until sunrise. If you manage to stay alive by that moment, you’ll be safe! Well, until another night… To pass the challenge, you need to spend five of them here. And every time the stakes will go higher!

Be careful and pick your step. You never know when another enemy will attack or from where they will even appear. You’ll have an opportunity to partially observe the movement of animatronics through some of the security cameras. But there are so many rooms and so many dolls that you shouldn’t fully rely on what you see and must always keep your ears sharp for any disturbing noises. If one of the animatronics is too close, you can turn on your flashlight and save yourself from certain death. However, your batteries are running low and you won’t be able to use the same trick all night long… Plunge into this riveting horror adventure and see what else FNAF Security Breach has in store for you!