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Fortnite Mobile

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Game information

Game title: Fortnite Mobile

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Battle Royale and Save the World are a combination of two Fortnite modes, which is one the most well-known and loved survival games in the world. The first one is a mass struggle that engages up to 100 of gamers at the same time and each of them has is single aim – to stay alive. The second one is a game where a player becomes one of the heroes that are saving the world and fighting to save the humanity from extinction. Both versions support the universal ideas of teamwork, building shelters to defend something valuable, and fighting against the danger. The bright world of Fortnite brings these inspiring ideas to the cartoonish world, where you become one of the heroes and brave survivors.

Fortnite has an incredibly interesting space to discover. You are able to gather the materials for building any kind of equipment that will help you hide from the danger or perform better attacks. One of the main strategies you have to follow in the game is deciding how to use your materials in the best way. Also, you will be amazed by a variety of weapons Fortnite has to offer (lasers, rockets, guns, rifles of all kinds). As for the cold weapons, you will find hammers and swords among them. You may fight on your own or gather a squad of defenders. So if you are found of building and collecting as well as smashing and blasting, then you cannot miss Fortnite!