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Fortnites New Mode

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Game information

Game title: Fortnites New Mode

Category: Fortnite
Game description:

Survival games will never go out of fashion. Challenging your own abilities and overcoming the danger of the wilderness is something everyone is willing to try. You can find out what it is to be lost in the forest and rely only on your own muscles and brain to survive in a thrilling game called Fortnite. This is a cooperative sandbox where you need to team up with other players to collect resources, build fortifications and fend off monster attacks. During the day, you will be scavenging the vast map searching for food or anything you can use to provide yourself with a reliable shelter. And at night, when darkness falls, the terrain will be crawling with zombies, hungry and mortally dangerous. The game features a strong crafting element allowing players to build and edit each wall of their fort as well as staircases, roofs and windows shaping them according to their needs and tastes. The map is generated randomly and players are given various weapons, including melee and long-range. There are four classes of characters, particularly commandos, ninja, builder and foreigner, each having special abilities and skills. Aside from co-op mode, the game also offers PvP for up to 10 players. Try Fortnite and prove your right to live!