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Free Fire – Battlegrounds

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Game information

Game title: Free Fire – Battlegrounds

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

This amazing shooter allows you to enjoy adrenaline-packed combat in real time giving you complete freedom of action to achieve the main goal. You need to survive constantly being under risk of attack from other users on a limited territory. Right from the start you’ll be thrown into the epicenter of events, but first you’ll get to pass a short training and create your own character. After that you’ll be parachuted into the woods where you’ll have to fight other players in harsh and uncompromising conditions. You’ll begin with practically no equipment, weapon or food. And that’s your main problem, cause you’ll have to find it faster than your opponents exploring the location and discovering useful items. After the first couple of victories you’ll get more tactical opportunities, but your mission will remain unchanged – surviving at any cost. Test your reflexes and ability to think quickly in life and death situations playing Free Fire Battlegrounds online!