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Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle

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Game information

Game title: Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The world has known many maniacs and serial killers, but he was the most famous one. Everyone knows the name of Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle gives you an opportunity to walk in his shoes planning and executing the murder of unsuspecting campers across over 100 levels on Android, iOS and Steam! The action takes place in a summer camp where nothing predicts the disaster. However, one of the campers seems to be obsessed with killing. He is hard to catch and he always strikes unexpectedly. Nobody knows what his next move will be. He invents very cruel ways of murdering and doesn’t give his victims any chance of escaping.

The legendary Crystal Lake camp isn’t the only setting where you’ll be stalking and slaying your prey, though. Jason Voorhees will travel to snow-covered resorts, lurk in Manhattan high rise apartments and make his gloomy way though super protected prisons that, nevertheless, won’t hold him for too long. Each location offers a number of thrilling puzzles to unravel. Earn money, buy a wide array of murder weapons for your future kills and equip your villain so that he doesn’t miss! The episodes end with spectacular scenes of slaughtering your victims that will keep your spirit of a murderer on edge!