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Game of Sultans

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Game information

Game title: Game of Sultans

Category: Games Girls
Game description:

If you like empire sims and RPGs where you can act as the first person of the kingdom, then Game of Sultans is your choice. Here you can try yourself as a Sultan and a ruler of the European and Middle Eastern lands. Here you will experience every aspect of royal life, from the machinations of politics to flirt!
We have gathered tricks for Game of Sultans fans. Want to get more charming ladies and reliable soldiers? Read on!
• Go for the battles
At the very beginning, accept the fights in case if the mission requires. Make sure to take part in more battles while your powers grow.
• Level up
XP points will help you evolve quicker, so go for the Imperial Levies to get them. Also, you’ll get regular XP bumps for the fights.
• Make your Vizier skillful
It’s important to invest in the manuscripts and items for your Vizier. This way, you will improve Vizier’s talents and make your magnificence grow.
• Expanding your harem
Finding potential consorts for your harem is complicated! A good idea is to visit the Masquerade. It’s guaranteed that at least one potential wife of yours will come to such an event, too.
• Hiring more soldiers
New soldiers are even harder to find than new wives! Visit the Parliament as often as you can to collect new soldiers and strengthen your army.