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Grandpa And Granny Escape House

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Game information

Game title: Grandpa And Granny Escape House

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Feel the real horror of being locked inside of the creepy house with two strange elderly people that are trying to get you and supposedly – kill you. This game is an escape horror title, where you will meet grandfather and grandmother that look pretty nice and friendly from the first glance. However, very soon you will find out that they are not that simple – in the reality, they are cruel and evil. Their favorite game is hide and seek, but you will be surprised that this game can be a survival one – if they find you, you die. To play this horrifying game and have their strange fun, granny and grandpa kidnap people and place them inside of the rooms of their nearly endless mansion. This time, you are their victim and you will have to do your best in order to run away from this place, find an exit, and save your life before they get you. The house is not that simple – it is full of secrets, mysteries, and fears to face.
The escape from this house will become a real challenge for you, because these two old guys are smart and they know how to behave in a situation that is a real nightmare for you. You defend yourself from them, but to do that, you need to find some tools and elements and create a weapon for yourself with your own hands. This won’t be easy and the old guys will prevent you from doing that. Be very careful and remember that the house is full of traps that leave a small chance for you to stay alive. The game can boast of having a gloomy and dark atmosphere that will immerse you into a horrifying world of being a victim of real maniacs. Good luck and try to stay alive if you can.