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Granny Chapter 2

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Game information

Game title: Granny Chapter 2

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

How do you imagine an old lady? Well, chances are that you think of grandmothers as if they were some kind of angels. They have already lived a long life, so they are so smart and experienced. In most cases, you imagine them as calm people – their life is behind their shoulders now, and everything they have are the memories. Some are sweet memories, the others are sad. Most of young people believe that old years are about sitting in your armchair and thinking about your life and things that are already in the past. Such people are usually slow, kind, and sincere – they have nothing to lose and nothing to achieve. The dawn of life has started for them, so we perceive them as someone special. Cute and calm grannies make pies, invite you to have dinner with them, and tell you some interesting stories that can make you laugh, think, and reflect on your own destiny and future.

Still, there are old people who seem to be a bit different. They are tired of everything they have left behind. Maybe, their life was full of suffering or sad events. Maybe, they feel lonely because most of their friends and relatives are dead or don’t keep contact with them. They might be silent, sad, or even a bit aggressive. Still, they bring some wisdom with the way they look and you can recognize the traces life has left on their faces and souls. These are special old people. When looking at them, you might think that they cannot change anymore and dull feelings can come to your heart.

However, the game we you will find here depicts a monstrous grandmother that doesn’t seem to be similar to any common type of real people you may know. This is why she is so frightening. Granny Chapter Two in the game is horrible, because she seems to be inhumane. Her only wish is to make you suffer and believe us, she knows how to do that. First, she will make stay inside of her house and you will have a couple of days to run away. Of you fail – that’s your problem, Granny will gladly eat you for supper like in those fairy-tales of Anderson. However, if you will manage to escape, you can have a second birthday in your life. Do your best and leave the creepy house of Granny to see the blue skies again. This creepy game is extremely popular because the sense that someone is following your every step and hear every noise you make don’t leave you for a second. And you will have to experience that all the time. When Granny finds out where you are hiding, she will catch you and kill you. Avoid meeting her at all costs because the game will end if you will fail.