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Granny Chapter 3

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Game information

Game title: Granny Chapter 3

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Some people believe it’s easy to spot a maniac in the crowd. This thrilling horror game proves that it’s wrong! Sometimes a terrible monster can be hiding under the most innocent appearance. For instance, a reverent old woman. That’s the disguise the main antagonist of this story is using to lure unsuspecting victims into her house. She asks them either to help her with the bag or to do something around the house, and everyone walks in without any second thoughts. However, once the naive person steps over the porch, the door shuts and they turn into prey. This is what happened to you and now you’re trapped in Granny’s huge dark home with very little chances to get out…

Run away from Granny’s house!

The house is big and empty. It’s badly lit and there are plenty of rooms for you to check. You should be very attentive and observant because you never know where you will find another clue or a useful item that you can put in your inventory. It can be tools and keys you can use to open the doors or even a weapon to defend yourself from Granny. Note that the number of slots is limited, so you won’t be able to carry around everything you find. If you have to throw something out, you’d better remember where you left it in case you’ll need it again. And don’t forget to stay watchful! Your enemy isn’t sleeping, she is somewhere very close. Granny carefully listens out to every little noise you make and always keeps her bate ready to blow your brains out. She will run towards the slightest sound and then you should look for a hiding quickly if you don’t want to be knocked unconscious and brought back to the room where your adventure started from. Then you will have to make this long and tiring way from the very beginning. And you have only five attempts to run away, so don’t waste them!

Stay alert and don’t let Granny catch you!

Getting out of Granny’s house will require a lot of ingenuity and good reaction. You have to have tough nerves and be capable of thinking on the move. In critical moments decisions should be taken fast – any holdup may leave you defenseless against Granny. There are several modes of difficulty and you can choose whether you want to compete against a mere mortal or a supernatural creature that moves at the speed of lightning and has the power of a sturdy adult man rather than old feeble lady. Participate in this gripping quest, get a handful of spooky emotions and see if you can survive in the lair of a creepy maniac!