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GTA 2018

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Game information

Game title: GTA 2018

Category: Games 2017 , GTA
Game description:

GTA 2018 is a new game that is planned by Rockstar. What location would it be? Authors adore going back to previous locations, so this time this will probably be Vice city, but with new graphics and updated locations. You may be pretty sure that all the characters will be well-thought, because game developers always think about their customers. New cool skills and abilities to defeat all enemies – what can be better? Vice city is the prototype of Miami, and this city with gorgeous beaches and wonderful architecture can become the center of crime scene, and you can take part in it. Every new chapter presents us a bigger location than in the previous version, so now you may be pretty sure to see the largest map ever, and enjoy every tiny corner. New character, locations and game play will take your breath away, because this game will become the most terrific among those you have ever seen.