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GTA 5 Cheats

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Game information

Game title: GTA 5 Cheats

Game description:

Grand Theft Auto 5 with cheats is a fifteen version of this game, and it preserves wonderful traditions of this series. Though it was released in 2011, gamers all over the world adore it, and spend many hours, trying to become experienced and invincible character. There are three characters at your disposal, and you may play each of them any time you want, without losing a progress. There are missions, where two characters are available, and you may complete them in several ways. There are three possible endings in the game, and they depend on the choices you make while playing. Moreover, there are missions, which may be completed in more than one way, so there are more options for you. Here your characters have unique abilities, and they help their owners to become almost invincible. You will meet citizens of Los Santos one more time, and police officers will do all their best to catch you and prevent from committing crimes. Beware and not let get yourself trapped into the gates!