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GTA Online

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Game information

Game title: GTA Online

Category: GTA
Game description:

You will hardly find a person on our planet, who have never herd of Grand Theft Auto series. Well, maybe, there is such a person deep in the jungle, but the majority is aware of this wonderful game. The Doomsday Heist is a new name in the GTA family, and you can get acquainted with it very soon. No more easy missions, because now you will get an access to hardcore mode, where everything will be complicated and complex. Different approaches to solving the particular conflict, and you will be involved into a breathtaking pursuit, so you won’t be able to quit the game whenever you want, just because you won’t wish to do it. From the game’s title you may learn that something terrible is going to happen, and you need to cooperate with people, of whom you would never though in other circumstances. But now San Andreas needs your help, and you will do everything to grab the victory and make all your enemies tremble with fear. But how can you achieve such difficult and alluring goal? Well, everything here is connected with crime in a way, and you have to do terrible things. This adventure is completely different, and you have to explore every location of your city to complete the mission. You won’t be able to cope on your own, and you need your crew’s help. Who knows, what dirty secrets you will revel while saving your city and exploring its tiny corners? Only time and progress in the game will show, so don’t waste your time in vain, and enjoy spectacular missions in GTA The Doomsday Heist.