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Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 2

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Game information

Game title: Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 2

Category: Hello Neighbor
Game description:

Very strange and suspicious, this guy seems to be an unusual neighbor. You are going to meet him closer, but try not to approach too close – you thought that he might dangerous and you were right. The neighbor is going to look for you and follow you when you enter his house. He knows that you have saw him hiding the sack in a basement, so he has an idea that you are here for a reason. This is not just a naughty trick of a small child, but a real investigation of a supposed murder. He has tools against you – cameras, traps, and super-brain that allows him to learn from you, predict your plans, and deal with you.
So the game encourages you to stand against the AI-powered maniac who lives next door. This is a real challenge, since he is a really smart guy, attentive to your moves and decisions. It is not very easy to handle him, but you must do your best. What is he hiding on the basement? And maybe… who are those poor people he is hiding there? The game is filled with puzzles that will allow you to move further and at the very end of the game you will have a chance to finally enter the basement and find out the truth about your neighbor. But before you do that, make sure to wander around the house, looking for the helpful items that will help you to hide and avoid meeting neighbor face to face. The cool physics and numerous interactive elements will make your experience truly unforgettable. Do your best and save everyone he has kidnapped! Don’t die – there is nobody else to do that, but you. In case you will fail this mission, a real tragedy will strike the city and you are the only hope. Don’t miss that opportunity to catch and uncover the villain! Make sure that you don’t make yourself visible to him – hide and be tricky! Invent new ways to avoid being caught to make the AI confused! Remember that you have a superiority – he can learn, but you can invent.