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Hello Neighbor Alpha 5

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Game information

Game title: Hello Neighbor Alpha 5

Category: Hello Neighbor
Game description:

How well do you really know the people that live near you? This totally glorious and highly suspenseful game proves that our neighbors aren’t always what we think they are. The hero of this creepy stealth horror is a curious guy who just moved into his new house. Everything in the town is new for him, including his neighbors. He wants to be nice and make friends with a big mustached man living across the street. But the gloomy-looking neighbor doesn’t seem to be very hospitable. He can hardly be seen outside his manor. His windows are always shut and he doesn’t like anyone coming near his basement. Perhaps he has something to hide? Fearing that his new neighbor might be a maniac, our hero undertakes a hazardous raid into the stranger’s house where he hopes to find some evidence or invalidate his apprehensions. Unfortunately, when you find yourself inside the manor, you figure that your neighbor is at home! There is no way back, though, you have to finish what you started. Move around the house as quietly as possible trying not to alert the owner of the manor about your presence. If you are noticed or caught red-handed, your neighbor will know where to be looking for you next time. He remembers everything that happened during your previous attempts and learns on the go, so don’t underestimate your enemy! And, most importantly, don’t let him lay his hands on you, otherwise you’ll pass out and will have to restart the game. Highly detailed environment, lots of interactive capabilities and adrenaline-packed gameplay will keep you glued to your computer for hours!